March 11th, 2010

Party in HELL


You know the angler in Finding Nemo? I couldn't stop thinking about it when I saw the lady in blue's head flowers.


Imagine my giggly delight when I finally watched this video and heard the music and the instructions in the first part.

She also totally reminded me of Crystal from Dead Like Me.

All of the pictures from Hawaii are uploaded, and the last of the videos are chugging away at home. Can't wait to see the fire show.

The best way to see an intersection

IMG_0958, originally uploaded by christopher575.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that my official welcome back to Seattle was nearly getting run down by another asshole turning left in an intersection just after I got off the bus near my apartment. Intersections are quickly becoming my least favorite places, because people who drive just don't seem to care that they could kill someone, it's just so important to get to that next store to buy that next pair of shoes. Fuck them all.

I can't deny, though, that intersections and interchanges are beautiful from a design standpoint. I first noticed it during a CGI short on Liquid Television. It was just a plain intersection, but the crosswalks formed a perfect box with matching diagonal striped sides. It was beautiful and it made me realize that there is always beauty everywhere, even in the ugliest places.


Miki brought Peeps

Miki brought Peeps, originally uploaded by christopher575.

I ate exactly one. They are icky, but not as icky as circus peanuts.

One time I made a little art piece. It was a love triangle starring three purple Peep bunnies. Two were together and happy, while one was off by himself. It was cute but I eventually decided to take it out and use the frame for a really awesome curling brush box.

I need to find that and post a picture.



FRINGE, originally uploaded by christopher575.

At casa de muriel_puce, watching the Fringe season 1 finale. I'm current on
the show but the end of that episode was so :0 that I made him promise to
let me watch it with him when the time came.