March 17th, 2010



My neck was stiff from the time I woke up Sunday until last night just before bed. I was so excited to feel the flexibility start to return. 

Then, the first time I woke up last night (I wake up 5-6 times a night) I was all twisted and my head was wedged up against the pillows on the other side of the bed from where I sleep. Stiff again!

I do really want to visit the sleep clinic, but my coworker who has been there (same insurance as mine) is out about $1500 so far. This is for a consultation, a night of observation, and a night of observation with a CPAP. So, they know he needs one, they know he'll sleep better with one, and now he'll have to buy one, once he can afford it. So, yeah, when I have a few grand laying around, I guess I'll go.


Lunch, originally uploaded by christopher575.

Chicken sandwiches (breast or patty) and veggie burgers were on sale for a dollar in the cafe today, so I got one along with this lovely crudite. I put mayo and horseradish sauce on the sandwich and then added horseradish to the crudite's ranch dressing cup.

You should all try ranch dressing with horseradish.

These crudites used to come with cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices. I miss the old days.


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  • 06:37 With some vague wording, Netflix just implied that I have seen The Notebook. Very, very untrue. #
  • 08:51 It's great that the Muppets are all over the place again but I keep getting the Muppet Babies theme stuck in my head. #
  • 08:55 "Me, I love inventing." "Meep meepmeep MEEP" ♫ #
  • 09:05 Catholic priests sexually abusing so many children that Vatican can't handle the workload #
  • 09:18 Best ihasahotdog in ages: #
  • 09:42 Every issue of SPIN is now at Google Books They need to get OMNI and lots of porno. #
  • 15:55 Fashion crime: yellow lettering sewn onto the ass of a pair of jeans, on an otherwise hadsome and masculine guy. #
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