April 30th, 2010


Mr Bento 9

Mr Bento 9, originally uploaded by christopher575.

Fish cake, rice, and some purple and green herb that I have loved for
years, but still don't know the name of. Frozen grapes for dessert
that are amazingly still frozen after almost 5 hours. Soy vinegar
which I will definitely use and hot chili oil I probably won't. Maybe
a little.


Oh my

Bus Bunny!, originally uploaded by charlib52.

The guy on the bus next to me had a bunny.

He really loves his bunny, too. At the stop before the one where we all got off, he told the bunny, "Ok, our stop is next. Ok, honey, it's time to get off the bus. Time to get in the carrier."

Not so much cute as disturbing.


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