July 29th, 2010


From Twitter 07-28-2010

  • 07:31:12: I'm so sick of the "stop the Brown" bailout ads that I will now always choose UPS over FedEx. Nice job, guys.
  • 07:32:46: Obviously FedEx isn't hurting if they can afford to run ads all day every day on every website everywhere.
  • 09:06:17: I have no use for phone books but would love 2-4 of them to use as monitor stands right about now.
  • 12:45:52: People need to quit being so desperate for followers, likes, and ratings on YouTube. It's really unbecoming.
  • 15:40:49: "We're talking Lord God King Bufu."
  • 16:01:54: No crazy people on my final bus today. The driver is making up for it by driving like a maniac.

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gay bar

Denver People

You should seriously go to Tracks tomorrow!

This is such a good price for this show. Ongina as a special guest at LeFaux with Shannel was $35, and when Morgan and Raven came it was $45.



Lunch, originally uploaded by christopher575.

Sole stuffed with roasted vegetables, ricotta, and feta, topped with tomato dill sauce and served with mashed potatoes and yellow squash. The squash has some onions, peppers, and tomato as well.

blame where blame belongs


It was once the ‘cultural, religious, and historical view’ that women should not be members of parliament, Asians should not be allowed into Australia, and lesbians shouldn’t even exist, yet thankfully all that changed allowing people like Penny Wong to contribute to Australian society at the highest level. By opposing marriage equality, Penny Wong has betrayed gay and lesbian Australians, and by using culture, religion, and history to justify this opposition she has betrayed the principles of tolerance and inclusion that have given her immense opportunities as a lesbian woman of Chinese descent.

Alex Greenwich, Australian Marriage Equality