August 5th, 2010


From Twitter 08-04-2010

  • 06:41:16: Gnats are flying around slowly. Guess they just woke up.
  • 08:27:53: What's with all the Inception infographics? It wasn't hard to understand.
  • 11:03:26: I'm surprised people haven't started making reaction videos to reaction videos.
  • 12:20:58: A must for my Caturday peeps:
  • 13:39:46: Recognize: the constitution doesn't say "unless you're gay"
  • 14:27:50: IT IS SO ORDERED
  • 15:31:34: / blahblah is longer than, why do people keep using shorteners as lengtheners?
  • 15:35:18: Listening to the original (as in, not the remix from The Matrix) "Dragula" for the first time in years.
  • 15:48:53: Buses shouldn't smell like Play-Doh.
  • 18:48:30: Newt Gingrich has something to say about Prop 8? He's still around?

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