August 15th, 2010


From Twitter 08-14-2010

  • 09:03:00: They need to invent a beard trimmer that works in the shower. Because that's always when I remember I need a trim.
  • 12:59:35: Just saw six people lined up at the scary Coke machine outside Broadway Locksmith. Hot weather makes people desperate.
  • 13:35:47: I don't like watching people eat when they have tons of lipstick on.
  • 17:33:35: Just now caught about a minute of Tom Cruise's movie Cocktail. Can't believe I've never seen it. Like as a midnight movie or on MST3K.
  • 18:32:06: Rob Corddry needs to go ahead and make a sex tape already.

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Dinner, originally uploaded by christopher575.

Homemade pepperoni pizza with beet salad. The beet salad is one can of beets, and I mixed the juice with horseradish sauce, soy sauce, and salt before mixing it back in with the beets, some chopped cocktail onions, and a couple of small zucchini from Garrett's parents' garden. This all chilled in the fridge for a few hours, and when it came time to serve it, I strained off some of the liquids and then tossed in some spring mix greens.

Yes, I like putting mustard on my pizza sometimes.