August 18th, 2010


From Twitter 08-17-2010

  • 06:11:46: I walked 0.8mi in 0:15:55 (19:57 min/mi) using @runstar
  • 07:26:13: Keith Olbermann Special Comment: There Is No 'Ground Zero Mosque' - 08/16/10
  • 11:10:27: If they ever invent force fields the first thing I want them on is the lenses of my glasses to keep smudges and dirt off.
  • 12:53:17: Not on FB but can RT! RT @annakiss: Facebook peeps, please please please join this group & invite ALL your buds. thanks
  • 14:06:32: I guess it's time to try some quinoa since I see recipes for it pretty much every day lately.
  • 15:47:21: 520 wesbound is a parking lot. Consider using a time machine to go back and tell yourself to work from home.
  • 17:26:56: People still use answering machines?
  • 17:34:05: I think it's time to put Blagojevich's hair on trial.

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I made dinner

I made dinner, originally uploaded by christopher575.

These wraps are made with flank steak, tomatoes, and lettuce. One's got olive hummus, the other's got roasted red pepper spreadable cheese. Garrett chose to have both with the cheese, and he was right to make that choice, it's way better.

The fries have bacon salt on them.