August 22nd, 2010


From Twitter 08-21-2010

  • 07:32:02: I think one reason LOLcats are so popular is that a lot of people can't spell any better than they are expected to when making them.
  • 10:36:52: Currently watching The Yes Men Fix the World, you should too.
  • 10:42:11: RT @aartipaarti: I'm on CNN this weekend! Check out the video!
  • 12:51:39: Hey movies, quit being all quiet quiet quiet quiet LOUD LOUD LOUD. Sick of having to have the remote handy at all times.
  • 14:55:09: Current schadenfreude: giggling inside as we leave the stop that people asked for but then didn't listen to the driver. Mua ha ha!

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I made lunch

I made lunch, originally uploaded by christopher575.

Soup: baked potato soup with bacon and white and regular cheddar
Salad: iceberg, cucumber, cherub tomatoes, basil ranch, lemon juice, soy sauce, salt, pepper
Breadsticks: sun dried tomato, hella tasty with the soup