August 27th, 2010


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Quote of the Day

And so fucking GAY!! Really, hearing you write about Tyson Beckford seems weird to me, as it's the most Gay thing I've heard you talk about. Except for the usual stuff, like anal fisting.


I have a reputation. Usually I've already seen the entire internet before you.

christopher575 : honestly really I'm just excited about the sandwich I made for lunch

muriel_puce : OMG what is it

christopher575 : toasted bread, mayo, iceberg, cheddar, boneless buffalo wings

muriel_puce : :-O
Those boneless buffalo wings are so versatile.

christopher575 : I know
they're like the Meryl Streep of food

muriel_puce : That should go on that Rosa Parks of Blogs blog

christopher575 : Congratulations! I never heard of the Rosa Parks of Blogs blog before!

muriel_puce : WHAT?!
I never thought this day would come.
Segway Mom

Doin' it rong

I won a t-shirt today! If you'll notice, my chances were much greater than they would have been if everyone followed the instructions. The post specifically says to name the best sandwich you can find on the hill, but not where to get it. As of this posting, I count nine entries. Five mentioned a place, and one of the entries that doesn't mention a place agrees with me, which may or may not have hurt their chances.

But anyway, people need to read more carefully.