August 28th, 2010


From Twitter 08-27-2010

  • 06:36:18: Follow Friday @chscrow, a lovely random feed of comments posted to #ff
  • 08:22:13: RT @DJPegLeg: Accident on the 520 bridge, eastbound with 3 cars blocking the left lane. I think it just happened so find alternate routes.
  • 08:56:44: Hope you're staying @hotel_preston! RT @ThePandoraBoxx: Performing at Play Nightclub in NASHVILLE tonight!!
  • 15:11:41: Here's to you, jeans/blazer/ponytail guy.
  • 16:31:21: I wish I knew which neighbor was the complete stoner so I could ask them to smoke it inside.
  • 17:14:29: For @alexjon

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