August 29th, 2010


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Which one of you was it?

monsterbrain? Seems like something you'd post. A while back, you posted about how annoying it is that ponytails on TV always have hair wrapped around them, hiding the elastic. I'm seeing so much of it now and it's making me crazy.

But at least when I see that I'm seeing hair. I'm getting really sick of wigs in movies and on TV. 
mortal kombat

DVD recommendation

If you're a fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, you need to watch Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. It is so damn good. It's amazing how many people they interviewed, so very comprehensive.

Hell, you might want to watch even if you never watched the movies. Garrett hasn't, except when I took him to the remake (which they don't discuss) and after seeing the second half of the documentary, he wants to watch them. 

Just be ready for some scary plastic surgery. Tuesday Knight went pretty crazy with the collagen.