October 12th, 2010


From Twitter 10-11-2010

  • 06:24:51: There's a nip in the air outside, but not so much of one that the bus heater needs to be on full blast. Hope nobody farts.
  • 13:41:39: Just got tickets to see @thepandoraboxx on Sunday at the Egyptian! http://bit.ly/cby6MZ So excited!
  • 13:47:06: After this weekend I will have seen Shannel, Ongina, Raven, Morgan, and Pandora from @rupaulsdragrace. MUST SEE ALL OF THEM
  • 16:22:38: Wake up! Who has to use the lavatory? http://bit.ly/9LlllR
  • 16:25:48: Any actor who agrees to star in a Family Circus movie should be shunned for life. Shunned!
  • 17:22:49: RT @SarahKSilverman So is Sprite Zero! RT @iamdiddy God is so great!
  • 17:30:44: Do you have a least favorite accent? Mine's jamaican.

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What a night

My throat is kinda swollen. Specifically, the area around my uvula. It'll feel like I need to hawk a loogie, but all that really happens is that I'll choke on my uvula instead. Like, there was nothing there in the first place, it just feels like there is. It's nasty.

So I woke up several times because of that throughout the night, and also had nightmares about snakes.

So glad I can work from home. I definitely didn't have that "up and at 'em" feeling when my alarm went off.