October 20th, 2010


Yay fog

Yay fog, originally uploaded by christopher575.

I'm a little overheated from being kicked out of my office and having to
quickly move all my stuff out without being told where to move it to. When I
was told where to go, I had to completely rearrange a one-person office to
make it suitable for two of us. Well, as suitable as possible. The kicker is
that the office I was kicked out of is big enough for three people and they
made us move for one person. With nowhere to move to.

Anyway, I'm warm, and this fog is awesome.


Green in lieu of purple

Everyone knows I have a metric shitload of t-shirts, so it's pretty surprising that none of them are purple. After seeing all the posts today, I wished I'd gotten one. But instead of feeling bad about it, I decided to do something, and made a donation to the Trevor Project instead.

The internet: making it easier to put my money where my mouth is, since 1994, when I started using it.