November 20th, 2010


First ceremony photos

wedding 015, originally uploaded by christopher575.

Garrett's friend Scott used Garrett's camera to take a bunch of pictures of the wedding, and we just got the SD card back in the mail yesterday, so I finally have some pictures of the ceremony itself to share on here. scarletharlot52's man took the "official" shots, which I'll upload once we have the DVD. I've seen them on his password-protected site, and they are awesome. Check out the 575wedding tag on flickr. If you've got photos that you uploaded, but haven't tagged, please tag them! :D

(Scott and Mike, I tagged yours for you.)


In case you didn't know

wedding 022, originally uploaded by christopher575.

cattycritic performed the ceremony for me and Garrett. I was so happy when she agreed to. I've known her since 1995 or so, and she has been such a wonderful friend to me all these years. There is nobody I'd rather have had in that role. And her fantastic hat matched our tuxedos.

I wish I could say that I planned all the purple as a statement about gay teen bullying awareness, but it was a coincidence. I'm glad it worked out that way.