December 19th, 2010


Chopped drinking game

Take a drink if:
  • Contestant uses a blender (immersion blenders count)
  • Contestant cuts him/herself
  • Scott Conant complains about red onions
  • An ingredient is left off only one plate and that plate goes to Chris Santos
  • Alex Guarnaschelli starts her remark as a compliment, then switches gears
  • Ted Allen says the word "cloche"
  • Contestant mentions lack of culinary education
  • Contestant forgets a mandatory ingredient
  • Contestant cries
  • One contestant uses ricotta in their dessert

Finish your drink if:
  • Contestant needs an appliance or tool that another contestant is using
  • Two contestants produce what is essentially the same dish
  • All three judges are the same gender
  • One of the mystery ingredients is still alive
  • Contestant can't handle the pressure of talking to Ted Allen while cooking
  • Ted Allen calls the cloche a "cover"
  • Alex Guarnaschelli cries
  • Both contestants use ricotta in their desserts