December 31st, 2010


From Twitter 12-30-2010

  • 12:20:48: Excellent interview with Dan Savage. Much longer than the clips you usually see.
  • 13:18:49: I wish I could make everyone a tuna sandwich. I'm that proud of my recipe.
  • 13:45:56: Ha!
  • 15:34:55: Sharif don't like it / lock the taskbar / lock the taskbar
  • 16:09:15: Looking forward to new episodes of Fringe to see how many it takes for Olivia to quit being a bitch.
  • 16:09:44: Hope that wasn't a spoiler for anyone.
  • 16:19:09: I wish there was a web service where you enter someone's myspace URL and thugs are sent out to collect money that person owes you.
  • 17:23:20: Want your song to be annoying? Put a siren in it!
  • 18:10:53: After working two ten-hour days at home in a row, I realize I'd like to work four tens, at home. Or three, and two fives at the office.
  • 20:22:41: 30 Rock Alec Baldwin is so much hotter than Hunt for Red October Alec Baldwin.
  • 21:56:49: Nice job, @g4tv.

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