January 5th, 2011


This is nice

An update on the Golden Voice Homeless Dude.

He was on WNCI-FM in Columbus this morning and got the following offers.

$10,000 from Ohio Credit Unions for voiceover work.
To host "Steppin' Out" radio in NYC
To promote "Inside Edition" in NYC
A woman willing to put $15,000 of her own money to pay for his work with WNCI.
All expenses paid trip to Hawaii JUST to record a 60-second commercial.

..And then finally the big one.

A full time job with the Cleveland Cavaliers for announcing/commercial/website voiceover work which also includes mortgage paid on a fucking HOUSE.

Via wtf_inc.

I made eggs benedict!

I made eggs benedict!, originally uploaded by christopher575.

This was my first time poaching eggs, and I wasted a few getting there. I should have watched a couple of videos again beforehand so my expectations would be set appropriately. You'd be surprised how much egg white ends up detached from the rest, even when you do it perfectly.

I also should have planned ahead to make something with the eggs that I couldn't use because their yolks broke. But we had a shopping misfire which led to a whole extra carton of eggs in the house, so this was the best possible time to waste some of them.

Before you're too impressed, the hollandaise is a mix from a packet. I tried making real hollandaise once and will never do that again. The stuff from the packet is ok if you add some salt and lemon juice.