January 15th, 2011


From Twitter 01-14-2011

  • 09:12:33: But will he remember to claim the income on his taxes? http://bit.ly/idUBO2
  • 09:30:38: It is an ABBA - Gold sort of morning.
  • 11:09:11: '90s dance music, '90's dance music, tough sounding rapper, female vocal, sample!
  • 11:52:42: fold-ins! RT @ebertchicago: Every issue of Mad magazine from 1952 to 2006 on 2 DVDs. $19. 58% off. Our Price: Cheap. http://amzn.to/hHZ8hA
  • 12:19:51: Thing they still make but shouldn't: non-drawstring trash bags
  • 14:08:49: omg Ryan Reynolds Wrap lol har har RT @InfiniteChicken: Susan Saran Wrap #KitchenCelebs (cc: #fridgefilms).
  • 18:14:50: The wind this evening is scary!

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Lunch, originally uploaded by christopher575.

I think this is my first time making real mashed potatoes. They came out great, with a little butter, sour cream, salt, pepper, and dill. I served them with peas (with salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil) and the leftover beouf bourguignon that I made on my day off a couple weeks ago. Don't worry, I froze it.