January 18th, 2011


From Twitter 01-17-2011

  • 08:11:14: I like my pasta all denty.
  • 08:36:07: I get why it's necessary, but the world "allegedly" is totally played.
  • 13:27:02: Trade spaces with a big meeting room nearby, also swap door numbers so nobody can figure it out. #lifehacks
  • 15:06:33: On my way to get my teeth cleaned. Wish I thought to trim my nose hair.
  • 15:16:39: Usually when I'm running early for something, I stop for a cocktail somwhere. Not really appropriate on the way to the dentist.
  • 15:51:05: This waiting room music. Dying inside.

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I hate everyone

You know what would suck?

If you were working and you noticed that your officemate had put his name on a couple of the submissions in your shared inbox and you thought he was working from home, and you were feeling kinda bloaty so you undid your belt and button for some relief thinking you had the office all to yourself and then he showed up and you would have to wait until he got up to go to the bathroom or something before you could fix your zipper and button and belt without getting caught and looking like a total perv.

I would imagine.