March 25th, 2011


From Twitter 03-24-2011

  • 07:34:50: Today I put my money where my ears are and got a paid @citizenradio membership.
  • 08:24:38: Stuck in my head today, probably because my kiss is credit in the bank of love. ♫
  • 08:25:12: I guess Bank of Love is a proper name.
  • 11:16:43: I'm not usually all "ooh, ahh, fresh air, beauty, wow" but it smells REALLY nice outside right now.
  • 12:28:30: That moment of panic when you can't put things in alphabetical order and wonder if your ABCs are broken.
  • 13:09:13: Going back to IE8 on my work computer. Can't take IE9 for work stuff any more.
  • 16:10:13: Ha, my Groupon app said 575 people had bought today's deal and I thought it was saying I bought it.
  • 16:53:11: Heavy parka, long pants, wool cap, flip flops? Ugh.
  • 21:24:24: People keep talking about "brackets" and all I can think is that I want some on the wall to hold the TV.

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