April 2nd, 2011


From Twitter 04-01-2011

  • 08:30:43: .@knitpurl you got the wrong song! ♫ http://blip.fm/~13azi6
  • 09:31:57: My neighbors have a chandelier that's so bright, I may have to close the blinds.
  • 10:28:19: RT @ClassyAssKyle: The mother who wouldn't let me take her daughter to my senior prom came up to me at work and asked how I've been. I said "gay"
  • 11:03:57: If your car alarm goes for more than 10 seconds they should take your car and your license.
  • 11:10:23: Listening to the amazing comedy CD Zombie Jesus by @jamiekilstein. No, I won't make you a copy. Get one: http://bit.ly/fBRLQu
  • 11:50:13: If I set a car on fire will the alarm stop?
  • 12:22:34: My cat can choose from two beds, a couch, a recliner, or a cat tower, and he's on a wooden end table.
  • 12:31:29: Tax Havens: Bigger Than You Think, Closer to Home Than You Imagine | The Nation http://bit.ly/igE857
  • 14:48:24: Dear work software, quit being SUCH A LITTLE BITCH OMGGGGGGG. Yours, Christopher.
  • 15:46:29: Not gonna watch the "two baby boys have a conversation" video, no matter how many times it shows up in my RSS reader. I'll watch "Friday".
  • 17:48:37: If you like yourself, go to Tommy Gun and order the jar o' pickled vegetables.

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575 bon air

A message I just sent to the Make-a-Wish foundation


I am writing in support of Ina Garten. I think the Make-a-Wish Foundation does amazing work, but I'm disgusted by the idea that anyone will be publicly shamed in the worldwide media if they choose not to participate, for whatever reason. Does the foundation have a policy about this? My hope is that Enzo Pereda and his family were told when they came to that you would do your best to fulfill his wish, but that they absolutely should not turn to the media if Ina was unavailable.

It's easy to see how just about any celebrity will end up being inundated with requests for appearances and donations, and there's no reason to think they can possibly do it all in addition to their own work. You have an obligation to ensure that nobody going forward is blackmailed into working with you. We're now seeing stories from every major media outlet (and even a blog post from the Pereda family asking people to leave Ina alone) but what we're not hearing from the foundation is a commitment to ensure that people who work with you from now on are doing it because they want to, not because they are forced.
How to avoid talking to people

Not very effective

Saw this on TruTV this afternoon and am glad I could find it on YouTube.

Check out the guy at the sink at 1:10. Yeah. Maybe open the giant, full 2-liter bottle on the counter and use that instead?

They show him a couple more times after that.