April 11th, 2011


From Twitter 04-10-2011

  • 07:54:32: Tony Hawk shills for Honda now? What's next, Christian Hosoi for Dockers flat-front khakis?
  • 08:05:27: What search terms do I need to use to find lots of pictures of shocked men's monocles flying off their faces?
  • 11:35:53: Tweetdeck has a translate feature, but "asshole" isn't one of the languages.
  • 12:05:12: Some of the Details are a Bit Fuzzy With Regard to What You Did That Summer a While Back.

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Has anyone seen Bob's Burgers?

It's pretty good. Kinda weird that the main voice dude (Bob) is also the voice of Archer. I also realized just now while browsing his filmography that I saw him just a few days ago in the movie Who's the Caboose? but didn't even notice it was him. Anyway, here's another TLL for my hall of lame.

Jimmy Pesto (Bob's Burgers) Totally Looks Like Huey Lewis