April 18th, 2011


From Twitter 04-17-2011

  • 08:47:30: RT @allisonkilkenny: RT @OTOOLEFAN Palin was paid twice as much as what a teacher makes in a year to say teachers make too much money
  • 10:23:10: "I'm an Attention Whore" was already taken? RT @tlrd: Straight Rapper Lil B To Title His Next Album 'I'm Gay' http://bit.ly/h33QKV
  • 18:50:24: Shut up, attention whore!
  • 18:59:37: RT @P0TUS #Trump / #Palin--a balanced ticket! One's really rich and fairly stupid; the other's fairly rich and really stupid. #p2 #tcot
  • 19:10:46: RT @SarahKSilverman: What WOULDN'T Jesus do. Am I right??

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Did you study a language in school? I did two years of German in high school and two more in college, and nearly majored in it. I decided not to when I realized I didn't want to teach or interpret for a living. I am very rusty, with that last class being in 1994. But I still think about it a lot.

There are some things I really like about German. I like that there aren't silent letters and that pronunciation is consistent. I also like that adjectives aren't capitalized, even when it's one that we would, like "German". If we were German, we'd write "german". 

I don't like that they capitalize all nouns, though. That seems silly. 

I'm ambivalent about the gendered nouns. I like that they usually make sense. If something is phallic, it'll be masculine. But it's hella weird to call your sword "he".

I'd like to go back to Germany. It's nice there.