May 25th, 2011


Twitter Litter

  • 08:08 A new feature I don't need on my work software, but the one I do need that they accidentally got rid of still isn't back. #
  • 08:15 Is the "couple name" (Bennifer, etc) trend over? I can't remember hearing any new ones in a while. Other than Jedward. #
  • 08:25 I lied before about a feature I need not being back. It is, it's just not clearly marked. Yay. #
  • 08:33 Happy birthday @alexjon! #
  • 10:43 The spot where my pinky meets the edge of the mouse is starting to hurt. #jetsonsproblems #
  • 10:54 I wonder what percentage of people only ever heard of Yemen because Chandler ended up going there on Friends. #
  • 14:35 Hands Across America was just too ambitious. Let's shoot for Daisy Chain Across Rhode Island. #
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Fucking January 4th

It's been one of my goals for a while now to have something on my LJ every single day, even if some of those days just have Twitter stuff. Obviously I want more, but at least that. I feel as though I have a duty to keep the site alive since I like it. To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed whenever I post a poll and less than 10% of my friends list answers. Even if you don't feel like typing an answer, it's usually pretty easy to click something. 


One thing that bothers me is that I never got around to doing anything at all on January 4th. Now if I look at my archive page, that day on the calendar practically glows. I could, of course, backdate something. But I'd still know. 

So other than January 4th, I'm proud of that, and also my continued dedication to SchadenFriday and Caturday. When I started those, I really worried that I'd have a hard time finding good stuff for them, but it just keeps coming. The internet's really great that way.