September 24th, 2011


Twitter Litter

  • 07:09 Sabudana Poha #baddragnames #
  • 12:48 My new used laptop is black instead of the silver that I'm used to, and the cat hair on it is so much more visible. #catlady #
  • 12:54 Just told someone I couldn't complete a request because it's imaginary. I love this job. #
  • 12:55 Also, had to block and report two spammers because I talked about the cat hair on my l*ptop. #
  • 16:39 I think I just invented a word while watching the Bristol Palin mechanical bull video: chinplants #
  • 17:03 People writing sci-fi should say to themselves, "Maybe having a shapeshifter is a huge cliche," and then not do it. #