November 1st, 2011


Lessons from last night

1) Breaking a whole chicken down is pretty hard and takes longer than you'd think.

2) If you turn down the bacon so you have longer to break the chicken down, make sure you don't actually turn it up.

3) Burning bacon makes a surprisingly thick plume of disgusting smoke.
lite brite silent duck

A trip down the fudge tunnel that is "memory lane"

I was just wondering, hey, is that Estonian Death Metal band that recorded the song "Silent Duck" still around? Well, their website's gone, but you can still hear it at MySpace. And! They've performed it live as recently as last year.

I feel bad for them, it looks really bright and way too hot.

I'm currently unable to find the lyrics, which is sad.

(For those of you who are newer, "silent duck" is a slang term I invented for the hand position used in the initial stages of fisting, which you can tell by googling has gotten some traction over the years.)