November 5th, 2011


Мои твиты

  • Сб, 08:26: RT @OPRAHHATPARTY: My twitter is the most poignant and effective satire of the country today and for that I should be considered a national treasure
  • Сб, 14:32: Watching the '80s movie F/X, which I completely forgot about. Glad I found it browsing.
  • Сб, 15:43: Joely Richardson is arguably more famous than Joely Fisher, but I'm really only familiar with Fisher.
  • Сб, 15:53: The Noid would make a better president than Herman Cain.
  • Сб, 15:55: lol RT @Catholics4Cain: @christopher575 you don't know that-you don't know Herman Cain