November 18th, 2011

Scrabble Tuna Can

Choose a number in a comment, I'll reply with an answer.

1. A selection of television programs you do not care for.
2. A selection of musical artists you do not care for.
3. A selection of celebrities you couldn’t care less about.
4. A hobby you "don’t get".
5. A habit you find disgusting.
6. Something in school you really liked doing that everyone else bitched over.
7. Your favorite household chore.
8. Popular video games that make you go “meh”.
9. PC or MAC?
10. A sport you don’t like, for whatever reason.
11. A sport you really like, for whatever reason.
12. Television programs you love but have gotten shit for liking.
13. Musical artists you love but have gotten shit for liking.
14. A hobby you have/find interesting that other people bother you over/make fun of.
15. A habit you have that other people bug you over.
16. Something in school you hating doing and it felt like everyone else loved.
17. The household chore that makes you want to shoot your own face off.
18. A selection of video games that you enjoy that perhaps you really shouldn’t.
19. A celebrity crush that maybe even you don’t understand.
20. Free rant on whatever grinds your gears at the moment.

EDIT: I'm so proud of whoever wrote this for using the correct "couldn't" instead of "could" in number 3.

Мои твиты

  • Чт, 19:50: Seems like it's been a while since I saw a commercial that didn't have Gwen Stefani in it.
  • Чт, 20:28: Economic meltdown? *crickets* Traffic delay? "BASTARDS!" #priorities
  • Чт, 20:51: I think Tom Green should be Regis Philbin's replacement. (cc @tomgreenlive)
  • Чт, 20:54: I don't care about flying cars, but I want every book, movie, and TV show ever made, in any language, any time. Qwest promised.
  • Пт, 09:10: This banh mi breakfast sandwich is so good. Wish I made two.
  • Пт, 09:13: Try not to think about Phil Spector. RT @ikebarinholtz: I have to imagine Tim Burton's pubes are just a mess.
  • Пт, 10:11: Seattle has restaurants named Bako and Boka. That's sutdip.
  • Пт, 10:32: Traffic jam for football game: "Go Seahawks!" Traffic jam for protest march: "Boo democracy!"
  • Пт, 10:36: Nice to hear "The Clapping Song" by Shirley Ellis in a VW commercial.
  • Пт, 11:17: What Exactly Is It that Occupy Critics Don't Get About Civil Disobedience? via @SlogFirehose