April 18th, 2012


Map vs Map

Got my new phone yesterday, so I tried mapping my walk using MapMyRun's app. Unfortunately, the GPS isn't super accurate (at least not in those neighborhoods with all the hills and trees) so the app ended up thinking I covered a lot more ground than I actually did. 


On the left, the app thinks I went 3.8 miles, but on the right, the course plotted on a map is 2.4. That's 42% extra. It also just about doubled the distance between my bus stop and office, though I can't plot that one on a map because I cut through a field and can't make the map do that. But I think it's about half a mile in real life.

I do like the MapMyRun site, though. It's much easier to plot on there than on plain Google Maps. Many thanks to porkchopblog for the tip! Hopefully there will eventually be a feature where you can correct the saved run to get rid of the extra zig-zagging they think you do. Makes me wonder about FitBit stats. Any FitBit users know if there are similar issues?


We are nearly done with Felicity, and Sweaters of Felicity is also almost out of material. It's a good show, but I'm so tired of Felicity's relationship with Ben. I've always felt Noel was a better choice, and Felicity should have dumped Ben's ass the first time he got in a fistfight. Or the second. Or the fifth. 

I also hate the way Javier complained about his weight for ages, but then was suddenly much thinner and it was never talked about. Totally weird.

I wish Sweaters of Felicity was more popular. But maybe it's better if nobody notices it and the studio doesn't send lawyers over like with the late, great Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion.


Also just posted to SeaWC today and am quite happy with that post. Sometimes the writing just spills out. I like when that happens.


Garrett's birthday present was finally delivered to his office today. I'm very excited about it. I told him he could open it today, so expect a picture later.


Ah, new phones. I guess the MapMyRun app kept the GPS on all day and drained my battery completely. It's charging now, but I'm leaving in 20 minutes and it's only at 5%. Oopsie. Hopefully my extended life battery comes quickly. I got one for my first smartphone and loved it.