April 28th, 2012



I walk in the dark Monday-Thursday, getting up at 4:40 because I have to. I really enjoy Fridays and Saturdays because I can go later and see stuff and it's less creepy. Which is especially important today, because I'd like to check out the Arboretum and go further. So after feeding the cats and laying back down and realizing I wasn't going to fall back asleep I got up. It was 4:40.

April so far

April so far by christopher575
April so far, a photo by christopher575 on Flickr.

Figured I'd update today since it's showing four full weeks. The
calendar only shows 3 items per day in this view if you're wondering
why it doesn't add up. Wednesday this week, for example, has six.
Because I did so many on Wednesday and went so far today, I was able
to continue with the trend of going farther each week. Not sure I can
keep that up unless maybe I start walking part of the way home. But
hey, I won't mind much if I just manage to maintain at this point.