August 5th, 2012



The walking's become quite routine. The next major milestone I've wanted to achieve was a ten mile walk. The hard part has been plotting a walk that long that doesn't annoy me by zig-zagging around, and also goes near some bathrooms. The routes I'd plotted worked out to be 12 miles and I just didn't feel I should go quite that far yet.

Friday's walk was three full hours and ended up at 9.25 miles. I was bummed because I could tell that the way I thought about going would have been ten miles or close to it. When I got to Montlake, I chose to come up through Interlaken Park because it's steep and difficult, but the Arboretum and Madison would have given me the distance I wanted. Sure enough, I plotted it today and it was like 10.1 miles. Ha. I think I'll do it this Friday.

I'm so glad I found anti-blister socks that allow me to go this far without hurting myself. They're amazing. If you're thinking about walking long distances, I can't recommend these enough.