August 9th, 2012


Not saying nothing, but also not being a dick

I've written about my arch enemy, the sandwich lady, before. I've seen her around a lot but haven't gotten a sandwich from her in ages. Mostly because you can make your own sandwiches at the salad bar and pile up the container with a nice big side salad and all kinds of stuff. But sandwiches are cheaper than they used to be, and yesterday I was craving the potato chips they come with, so I went to her.

I ordered a caesar wrap. She got one out of the fridge, cut it open, and then stopped to tell me the potato chips weren't ready yet. No need for me to be rude about it or anything, so I just said, "You might have mentioned that before you cut it." The sandwich comes with chips. If there are no chips, you should mention it before you get started. She said there were mashed potatoes ready, I said that'd be fine. Then she said the chips would be ready soon, so I asked how soon. Three minutes. Well, yes, I can wait three minutes.

The whole thing just seemed so unnecessary. If you're always running late, start a few minutes earlier. Simple.