October 24th, 2012


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As I pop some ibuprofen for a headache I can feel coming on, I'm so thankful to work in an office with a well-stocked medicine cabinet. It wasn't so long ago that the company where I worked was bought by another, and one of the first things they did was remove all the free painkillers and other things like the stove, all in the name of "safety". Because an adult might take something that makes them sick and that's a liability or something. Screw that noise. I'm so glad my comfort is more important than the trouble I might get them into if I were stupid.

I made dinner

But there's no reason to take a picture of bison chili unless you've got a photographer and food stylist onhand. It was very good, though. I halved the recipe except for the hominy and beans, since there's no handy way to use the other half of the cans and I'd just as soon have more beans and hominy anyway. It was served with sour cream and avocado chunks, and jalapeno corn bread on the side. Lots of lovely leftovers, too.