October 25th, 2012


And then! A light turns on

I have wanted this as a tattoo for a long time now:

Garrett thought it was a dumb idea at first but recently realized how awesome it would be. So now I'm thinking about it a lot again. I always pictured it being on my upper arm, covered by my sleeve, so I could go, "doot doot, doot-doooooooo" and pull up my sleeve to reveal it. But then I realized I might want to fill my arms up with full sleeves and then what, etc. 

I then realized, I always wear shorts, and could put it on my thigh. FOUR places to choose from, ugh!

But I pasted the picture into this post and realized something. The background needs to be black, so it doesn't make any sense for it to go on my thigh or anywhere all by itself; it belongs in a larger, dark area. So now I know where I want it. It needs to go on my upper left arm. I was already thinking about a moon and clouds there anyway, so it could go at the tippy-top. Or, upside-down on the underside of my arm, so I could lift it to reveal.

So yay, there's that. Now I just need to set aside money for tattoos. Someday. There are so many things my money needs to go to.