December 14th, 2012

steve blue steel


Woke up at 3:40 or so, and the rain sounded nasty enough that I reconsidered my normal 4:10am walk. Then I realized, there's no reason for me to walk in the dark all six walking days each week. For the rest of the winter, when I work at home on Fridays, I can get up and start working, then go out for a long walk once there's some light. Now I can go to the Arboretum for the first time in ages. Fun! Guess I'll go after breakfast.
steve blue steel

Shorts story

So, I am kinda cheap and lazy when it comes to clothes. I hate shopping. I usually have two pairs of shorts and I wear them until they fall apart. I really don't care about always being seen in the same pairs of shorts. It's just not important to me. However, it's time for me to be a little more strategic, because one of my two pairs bit the dust today, and it's hard to get replacements I like (Old Navy) this time of year.

I'm really only posting about it because it was funny. I was getting dressed for my walk and I sat down to put my shoes on, and I hear a little rrrrip. Hoping to at least wear them through the walk so I wouldn't have to take them off, take out the belt, unclip the wallet, put those on the other pair, and put the other pair on, I stood up to see if the rip would be super obvious while standing. It wasn't, so I sat back down.

I tried to lift my right leg to put the shoe on. Rrrrip. I tried going a little slower. Rrrrrrrrrripppppp. I tried bending differently. RIP!

So now I've got one pair. Better start shopping.