January 14th, 2013



I just updated Great Seattle Bathrooms again, and figured it's been long enough since I mentioned it that I might have some friends on here who don't know about it. So, I have a blog about bathrooms in Seattle and the businesses they are in. A long time ago, I thought something like that was a good idea for a Seattle travel guide, but I eventually realized I'd never pull it all together.

When I saw Julie and Julia, I was inspired. Not to do a post every day, though. In fact, what made me want to do the project as a blog was that there were no deadlines or pressure and updates can be done as often or as rarely as they happen organically. I don't go places just to see their bathrooms, I just try to always check out the bathrooms whenever I go anywhere. And I don't always succeed; we had dinner at La Bete on Friday and I didn't feel like breaking the seal!

Actually if you're bored, click over to my page and check the links on the sidebar. A few tumblrs and my t-shirt shop. I haven't sold a t-shirt in a while.