January 18th, 2013

steve blue steel

Group hang gliding with swings

This morning I had a very silly dream about being interrupted while trying to shower so I could write my blurb for my college senior year yearbook and my mom was there interpreting because the girl was deaf but she kept looking away right when she was signing so it was all really frustrating, you know how dreams are. Anyway the part I remembered most distinctly was that I had met someone that I needed to talk to about this project when we had gone group hang gliding (with swings) together.


Today's awesome walk, 4 miles in 1:18

Still taking it easy to give my shins a break, mostly just wanted to be out
in the fog. Bonus action shot with location indicated. One nice thing was
that I realized this can be the basis for a new Monday-Thursday route once
the sun's out in the mornings. That'll be a while, though, since I'm out
the door before 4:25am those days.