February 11th, 2013

steve blue steel

Ease in

It'd been a while since I had shin pain during my morning walk, but I had it pretty bad today. It finally occurred to me that I should probably take it easy on Monday morning when I've gone on a huge walk on Sunday. So, starting in a week, I think I'll take my original 2.7 mile route, or one of the versions that came after that's got the nice big set of steps off Boyer. Or just a new route that heads East from my place instead of North. Going East is never an issue. And going North is getting boring. I just need the sun to start coming up earlier so I can resume morning Arboretum visits. Those are the best.

My car2go card ended up going through the wash, so I needed to make sure it still worked. Sore shins was a good excuse to jump in a car, and luckily it still does.