March 17th, 2013


Today's awesome walk, 8.02 miles in 2:38

After coming back from vacation, I totally forgot to do my post-walk shin
exercises every day, and ended up with some shin pain this morning after I
walked a little too fast to pass some people who were on Melrose. It was
fine after a break on Lakeview.

There was a bit of excitement at Green Lake when an old couple warned me
about a dude they'd called the cops on who was ranting and raving and had
tried to set a tree on fire. They called it but hadn't said the name of the
nearest street, so I went up off the trail to try to flag the cop down. He
pulled into the parking area, then turned the wrong way.

I followed the cop until I got to the restrooms, and figured there'd be a
different kind of emergency if I didn't stop there, so I gave up, figuring
they could call the old couple back if they wanted. Plus, the sun was
coming up and lots more people were arriving. And I never actually saw the