May 3rd, 2013


Today's awesome walk, 8.27 miles in 2:25

I drove to the start of Chief Sealth Trail for this walk, which was
designed with a stop at Seward Park for the bathroom, since the trail
doesn't have any. If it was a less sunny day, I'd probably have gone around
the park's outer edge, but I was getting warm and that annoys me. I'll
definitely use this as a template for future walks. Being able to pop into
Little Saigon to pick up a banh mi and bubble tea for lunch was a nice
little bonus.


Today's soundtrack

This song came on during my walk, and I played it over and over until I got back to the car. That was when there was 90 minutes or so left. Perfect walking track. I've always loved "I Just Came to Say Hello" and would kill for an hour+ Martin Solveig mashup megamix. Mashups like this are great for repeated listening because there's so much variety within the track itself.