July 12th, 2013


Podcast Appreciation Month: Monsters of Talk

What's there to say about Margaret Cho? I'm almost positive you've formed an opinion about her. It's crazy to realize that it's been 19 years since I used to come home from 12-hour graveyard shifts and catch some soap operas on tape along with All-American Girl while eating some cereal before passing out for a couple of hours and then heading to school. Finding out later through her standup about how she was actually treated during that time was heartbreaking and really changed the way I looked at Hollywood.

All these years, she's been one of my favorite voices. I love her perspective and her big heart, though I will say that getting to hear her so much every week has uncovered one aspect of her personality I don't care for. I've seen it a lot in people I've known. It's a, "How have you moved past this? Why aren't you more mad about this? Shouldn't you be angry right now?" kind of thing. Check out the Hannah Gadsby episode to see what I'm talking about.

Whether or not there are any guests, and even if one of them's bugging me a bit, I still really love listening to Margaret and her co-host and good friend Jim Short. I've always wanted there to be more Margaret Cho stuff to watch and listen to, so I'm glad she got into podcasting. I suppose I should finally check out Drop Dead Diva.