July 25th, 2013



I might have to resume my physical therapy exercises for my lower back. I've got a bulging disc that was annoying for years, then totally fine, then got aggravated again when I got roped into helping someone move because she forgot to write down the phone number of the person who was actually supposed to help out that day. Stupid fold-out couches aren't comfortable as beds or couches, and they're made of something heavier than lead. So, it hurt again to a degree and then finally one day it all went to hell. Couldn't even walk that day.

Anyway, the PT is annoying. There are ten or so different exercises, three sets of 20 each. It takes about 45 minutes and the doctor wanted me to do that twice a day. I was never able to get in more than one a day, but it helped. I've still always had lower back pain, but it was tolerable. Now, it's starting to hurt more. I need to find the stupid exercise cards, and definitely wish I'd put them somewhere smart.

It's a good thing walking doesn't hurt my back. Standing around, sitting, and even laying down do, but walking doesn't. Like I'm always saying, I can walk for three hours, but if I stand for 10 minutes afterward to get the bus back home, I'm miserable. It's dumb.

EDIT: Oh yeah, here's a picture I took of the cards. Should have taken a better picture.

Physical therapy