August 16th, 2013


(no subject)

In my dream this morning, I was in Albuquerque for my 20-year high school reunion that got canceled last year in real life. It was happening, but something came up and I was only able to make the tail end of it. Basically, everyone was leaving and they'd all already had their good time and nobody really wanted to say hi to me. My former roommate was there for some reason (she graduated a year after me) and was being a total bitch.

The next morning, I joined my German teacher and a few students to cook some chicken. I think I was supposed to leave again, but she convinced me to stay for just one piece. I think it's because I was just reading a broiled chicken recipe in the book I'm currently reading and it sounded really good.

Garrett and I were back in the hotel and lightning struck right outside our window. It was a dotted-line ribbon going horizontally and I marveled for a split second how amazing it looked before the window exploded in and we were thrown across the room. I was on the bed and could feel my arm breaking when I woke up laying on my arm.

I felt off and sad when I woke up, and was really grateful that I was out for an amazing walk to cheer me up. I probably would have forgotten the whole thing, but I just saw this and it all came rushing back.