February 22nd, 2014

Enterprise destroys Seattle

Life update

I've mentioned this in various people's blog comments, but it's time to finally announce for real that Garrett and I are moving. We're getting the keys to our new apartment in Everett on March 7th, with a tentative move-out date from the condo on March 14th. We're using this place as a foothold and are planning to eventually get a house up there.

You may wonder why we'd do that instead of just wait and sell when we are ready to get a house, and the answer's quite simple. Living here's extremely expensive. Our new apartment is slightly bigger than the condo and we'll be paying roughly 39% as much to live there. The money we'll save will add up much faster than the value of the condo ever could, and we were planning to move up there within a couple of years anyway, so it made more sense to just go ahead and go for it.

Garrett was super smart and found us an apartment complex right by the South Everett freeway station, so it'll at least be easy for us to come down or for people to visit us. And it'll be one stop to downtown Everett, which has better options for an evening out than our cute little Silver Lake neighborhood. I'll also be working from home all the time now, instead of just Fridays.

This is a very big change, but also a huge relief. I'll miss Seattle very much, but I've had nearly 15 years here to enjoy it. Most importantly, I found Garrett, a great job, and wonderful friends here, so I'm definitely not leaving empty-handed.