March 26th, 2014

Enterprise destroys Seattle

Today's awesome walk, 3.35 miles in 59 minutes

Today's awesome walk, 3.35 miles in 59 minutes

The first official Everett walk, even though I walked about the same amount going to lunch and the mall yesterday. Includes a bit of doubling back after I entered the trail to put some distance between me and the guy up ahead, because one of my pet peeves is having someone up ahead of me walking just slightly slower than me, forcing me to either slow way down or pass awkwardly. That awkward pass usually ends up hurting my shins, too. This was a nice route, but there's a whole area I'll be avoiding due to its lack of sidewalks. Plus I'll want to go further. This was just an easy walk to get a feel for the area and get back into it after so little walking the last couple of weeks.


Here's an excellent example of the kind of place we absolutely don't want to live. We're much more fond of older neighborhoods with some character and wear and tear. This place creeped me out.

Silver Lake

The highlight of the walk was getting to pass through the park by Silver Lake. I didn't see anyone else except for a few guys fishing. What was especially nice was the private, locking bathroom. Even though I was only ten minutes or so from home, it was nice not to have to wait.