April 25th, 2014


Today's awesome walk, 6.03 miles in 1:48

What a silly walk.

There's a house for sale that I want to walk by, but to get there and back
didn't seem like a very fun walk and I may as well just drive by on Sunday.
So I was going to go most of the way around the lake and turn back. When I
got to the end of the park at the South end of the lake, a woman asked how
to walk around the lake from there. Simply put, there are just some parts
where you can't, because it's private property, and you have to go around,
which is quite obvious from looking at the map I'd spotted her at.

Anyway, I didn't feel like walking along with her, so I changed my route.
Then I decided to go check out another house. So at least it was productive.