November 11th, 2014


Routines matter

My doctor appointment was yesterday in the afternoon, and I'd already had breakfast and lunch, so I had to pop back by this morning to get blood drawn. The lab opens at 7:15, which means having to skip everything but black coffee and water beforehand isn't so bad for most people. Since I get up at 4am and hate black coffee, it was torture. I drank it anyway, because I figured something I don't like the taste of is better than a headache.

I wanted to check out the Centennial Trail this afternoon, but since I was leaving in the car and at a weird time, I of course forgot my iPod. Didn't make it very far once I got there because music really makes the difference and I didn't like that section of the trail very much. It's 30 miles long, though, so there's plenty more to see. As long as I remember the music.

Today would have been a good day for a swim, but the pool's closed for the holiday. Yesterday would have been a good day for one, but I wasn't able to use it when I went. The visit before, I'd asked for clarification about the schedule, because I wasn't sure if I could only go when the schedule indicates "open swim." The woman at the front counter said I could come any time as long as I was by myself, and open swim was the only time kids could come. That's incorrect. Oh well!