March 16th, 2015

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Breathing right

I had a very hard time sleeping during our vacation, especially on the pull-out couch in Fort Myers. I was really looking forward to getting home to my own bed, but figured out once I was here that just being back in my bed wasn't enough; I also couldn't breathe through my nose as well as I'm used to.

I'm glad susandennis mentioned BreatheRight strips over on her lj, because I've known about them for years, but hadn't thought about them lately. They definitely help! I only got up once last night to head to the bathroom, and it wasn't until 2am. I'm usually up three or more times. And I enjoyed a few cocktails yesterday, which normally doesn't help matters.

I think the issue is that vacation meant little to no exercise. I swam in the ocean for an hour on the first day, but was pretty lazy after that. I can't go to the pool for a couple more weeks because of the new tattoo, so hopefully getting back into yoga and maybe some walks if my back will allow it will help. The strips are nice, but I don't want to have to buy them forever.

Garrett suspects I might be developing allergies. I will be quite sad if that's the case.

Oh yeah, back pain. It's been really bad since we got back. I left off on the Yoga for Your Back video in the 30 Days of Yoga series, and I think I'll repeat it today.