April 25th, 2015

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Normally Sam sits around growling and hissing the entire time at the vet, and he's the worst behaved of the two. Today started out pretty typical.

Impatient patient
The slightly more patient patient

They had their claws clipped and were supposed to get blood and urine samples taken so they can get their teeth cleaned on Thursday. Steve was sick of the experience after the nail trim, though, and refused to let them take blood. Four vet techs couldn't hold him down to do it. Too bad there's no way to make him understand that by not cooperating, he made it so he has to go back again on Monday. Poor guy.
Enterprise destroys Seattle

Found today on the CapitolHillSeattle blog

I love this picture of my old neighborhood. I spent several years in the building next to that church dome on the left. My first studio there was in the back on the right, and the dome was an awesome view. I eventually moved to the front and had an insane view of downtown.


The dome was directly in line with the windows, so that's all you would see when you walked in. If you sat in the chair right by the window, you could also see past it.