August 25th, 2015

575 car permit

Go backward to move forward

My lower back is so unbelievably stiff today, and I know exactly why. There was an article a while back about erotic dreams being more common for those who are sleeping face down. In my experience, one is also more likely to have longer, more vivid dreams that way, whether or not they take a naughty turn. It's because we experience the world mostly by observing what's in front of us, and when you're sleeping face down, the front of your body collects a lot of tactile input. The dream just has more to work with.

I can't really remember anything that happened in my dreams last night, but I remember moving in and out of consciousness, thinking, I should really flip over. Whenever I lay on my stomach too long, my back really hurts the next day. Stupid body.

Thankfully, it's while getting up or sitting down when I really feel the back stiffness. Walking was pretty much unaffected, so I set out today to take the "rusty old car" path up to the side, then be sure I could recognize where to walk back down that way in the future.

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